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    InMovement™ TreadMill Desk

    • Work while you walk, on the very best in treadmill technology. Backed by 45 years of Life Fitness® quality and biomechanics excellence, the InMovement TreadMill Desk offers an adjustable, ergonomic experience. Designed to complement the workplace in form and function, our TreadMill Desk is equipped with a silent motor, speeds that are optimal for walking while working, and a sturdy design ideal for community or individual use.
    $2,799.00 $4,599.00
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    Elevate DeskTop™ DT4

    • The Elevate DeskTop DT4 converts your workstation into an adjustable standing desk with a flexible monitor arm, desk surface and ergonomic keyboard tray.
    $524.00 $649.00
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  • Elevate DeskTop™ DT3

    • The Elevate DeskTop DT3 is available in dual-monitor and single-monitor versions, each accommodating a 24" monitor. Set atop a solid column with an attached ergonomic keyboard tray, the DT3 securely clamps to the front of your desk for easy installation.
    $499.00 - $549.00
    (1 Review)
  • InMovement™ Standing Desk

    • Switch from sitting to standing in seconds with the most popular InMovement Standing Desk, the Elevate DeskTop DT2. It comes fully assembled and has ten different adjustable height settings. Simply place the InMovement Standing Desk on top of your existing desktop, grasp the handles, and adjust the product to your desired standing height.
    (90 Reviews)
  • Elevate DeskTop™ DT1

    • Experience the benefits of standing while working on this sit to stand workstation. Designed for laptop users, the laptop swivel arm enables 360° rotation for versatility and collaborative work.
  • Integrate™ Desk Pedals

    • Counteract the negative effects of sitting with Integrate Desk Pedals. This portable elliptical stepper keeps legs engaged while sitting or standing.
    (8 Reviews)
  • Integrate™ Calf Stretch

    • Increase leg tonality and strengthen your core with the Integrate Calf Stretch. This versatile office accessory makes it easy to modify your routine while working on your feet
    (1 Review)
  • Integrate™ Anti-Fatigue Mat

    • Enjoy comfort and support while standing. The Anti-Fatigue Mat alleviates aches and pains associated with extended time on your feet.
    (4 Reviews)
  • Integrate™ Stretch Band

    • Add resistance movement to your day using the light and compact Integrate Stretch Bands.
  • InMovement Pivot Table™

    • The InMovement Pivot Table™ is a standing height conference table that makes standing meetings and collaborative workshops second nature. The user configurable design features pivoting wings that bring fluidity and movement to the workplace while accommodating a variety of social arrangements and supporting diverse meeting preferences. The elevated surface height promotes physical activation through standing. 
  • InMovement Servo™

    • The InMovement Servo™ is an active seating solution that transforms into an auxiliary work surface. This multi-modal seat provides the option to switch between seated and standing positions, supporting a range of postures. The Servo encourages movement and collaboration in a variety of workplace applications through its streamlined mobile design.